No.7 (0.010g)
No.8 (0.017g)
No.9 (0.025g)
No.10 (0.035g)
No.11 (0.048g)
No.12 (0.064g)
No.14 (0.10g)
No.16 (0.125g)
No.18 (0.187g)
No.20 (0.25g)
Total Weight (g):

No.13 (0.005g)
No.12 (0.012g)
No.11 (0.020g)
No.10 (0.030g)
No.9 (0.051g)
No.8 (0.068g)
No.6 (0.10g)
No.5 (0.15g)
No.4 (0.20g)
No.1 (0.30g)

SSG (1.6g)
AAA (0.8g)
BB (0.4g)
Total Weight (g):
Angler's Shot Comparator

After joining a forum recently, I noticed a thread about a useful online "shotting calculator" which appears to be no longer available:

MooPoo Fishing Calculator

I found the archived website on the "Wayback Machine" and since I'm a web developer, I decided to make one myself.


  • Adjust the number of weights by type/size. You can do this in many ways:
    Hover over the input and use your scroll wheel, click the +/- buttons, use the up/down keyboard keys or use gestures on a touch-screen device.
  • As you change the number of weights, the "Total Weight" (in grams) will be updated.
  • You should match the "Total Weight" to your float's shotting weight.
  • You now know how many weights of which size, to use with your float.

I hope it's useful to you :)